Type 2 Diabetes Resource Library

Some patients with type 2 diabetes—and their families—feel overwhelmed by the many lifestyle changes that they need to make to manage the disease. The free resources offered here can provide guidance and support.

Talking to Your Doctor: A Discussion Guide
Use these questions to help you talk with your doctor about type 2 diabetes and discuss whether
JANUMET XR or JANUMET is right for you.
[PDF: 229 KB, 1 page]

Blood Glucose Tracker
Use this handy grid to record glucose levels quickly and easily.
[PDF: 149 KB, 8 pages]

Daily Diabetes Management Book
Use this book as a place to keep important records, and to write down medications, health care
contact information, and your blood sugar levels over time.
[PDF: 440 KB, 8 pages]

Tracking Your Doctor Visits Log
Use this to keep track of your doctor visits, blood sugar readings, and various medications.
[PDF: 528 KB, 2 pages]


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